Individual Sessions 

One-on-one counseling provides an opportunity to do one's most personal work. In the process, we can utilize a wide variety of approaches, including insight-oriented work, awareness and meditative practices, relaxation techniques and narrative patterns. 

In addition to standard psychotherapy, I also offer consulting, coaching, short-term problem solving, check-in, tune-ups, and touch-ins.   We can look together at all manner of concerns, including exploring relationships, purpose, work or personal goals, transpersonal, or spiritual issues.  Together, we make a plan for addressing your needs, and it might look like one session from time to time, or a series of sessions for a short while.   I do care deeply that each person discovers their unique path to deeper understanding, a better life. 

People come with varied concerns, but most often, they come with curiosity, to learn more about what makes them "tick," about how to care for themselves, how to be more effective in their professional lives or personal relationships and how to play.  For some, there is a hunger to  become more aware, and to create new possibility.

Many seek the time to be with themselves, entering into a process of discovery that is not governed by complaint, but by the desire to bring greater contentment to their lives.

Relationship Counseling 

For couples and those in other relationships (friends, siblings, co-workers, etc.), counseling fosters mutual understanding, creates openings, improves communication.  Relationships that are working well can be enriched, and more challenging relationships often open to more satisfying possibilities.

Meditation Guidance

Meditation is a simple process of allowing the body to become still, and quieting the mind, so that we can clear away the “static” that is accumulated through being alive in the world.  An introduction to meditation can leave one with the ability to weave this ancient practice into everyday life, using this gentle process as a way to be more at peace.  Ongoing meditation advisement or groups may center around themes, and provide a welcome respite to our hectic lives.


There are times when it becomes clear that one would benefit from either personal or professional Coaching.    Examination and goal-setting for behavior change or new outcomes are activities common to Coaching sessions.    On a personal level, relationships, personal growth, educational, creative and performance issues are all rich areas for Coaching.  At work, partnerships, supervisory issues, performance enhancement, and advancement possibilities all challenge one to stretch, and the vision of a Coach can encourage movement in the desired direction.   Coaching can be done on or off site, depending on the demands of the individual situation. 

Workshop Opportunities

A large collection of workshops and groups have been available over the years, and are customizable for private and business groups.  Topics include, but are not limited to, Enhancing Communication for Couples; Creating a Nurturing Environment: 1001 Simple Things You Can Do to Change Your Life;  Practicing Creative Selfishness; Stress Reduction; Joy – Is it Allowed in the Workplace?; Empowered Work Skills/Reducing Workplace Stress; Eat in Peace: Freeing ourselves in our relationship with food and eating.  

Long Distance Work

Telephone and Skype videophone sessions are available.


For psychotherapy, I accept all the major insurance plans, including Preferred Care/MVP, Excellus (the Blues, Lifetime Health), Cigna, Aetna and Medicare.  If you have a different carrier, feel free to ask me as I might be covered by them under a different umbrella.  I am also on several EAP (Employee Assistance Plans) and you can ask your HR or EAP reps if I am on the panel for your company.

For those outside of the insurance system please inquire about flat-rate fees. 








Ellen Goldstein, LCSW

phone & fax: 585.271.2710

Rochester, New York