Woman's Journey is a series of retreats, workshops, and groups for women that focus on the reclamation of those aspects of the feminine nature that have been lost across the centuries.

Woman’s Journey workshops span a wide variety of topics that are contemporary and relevant, including such issues as friendship, empowerment, authenticity, relationships, mythogical perspectives and generational work.

Woman's Journey Retreats

Three-day residential retreats provide life-changing experiences for women. Woman’s Journey 1-- Reclaiming the Feminine.  Woman’s Journey 2: Nurture and the Sacred.


Woman's Retreat/ Personal Journey Weekend

A rejuvenating weekend of mixed group processes, experiential play, guided meditation and relaxation, and personal time in a beautiful and relaxing retreat setting.  Come to replenish energy and recharge.

Women’s Support Group 

A safe space in which to connect and explore in depth what is most pressing in members' lives. Women joining provides a special energy for intimate connection and empathy in the process of becoming whole.

Goddess Group

This fun and interesting group focusing on the pantheon of Greek goddesses, is best described as an experiential class and support group. For the purpose of understanding ourselves more fully, we look at the different Goddess archetypes, and how they manifest within us, in terms of both our personality and our behaviors. We also pay attention to those energies that we need to develop and those we may want to bring into more balance. We do all this through the use of myth, story, readings, discussions, sharing, and experiential work (including guided meditations and a small amount of ritual). A total of seven 3-hour meetings.

Women Emerging Workshop Series

Acknowledging our enthusiasm and need for connection, growing self-awareness, self-appreciation and community, the Women Emerging series focuses on contemporary and relevant issues. The Women Emerging series and similar workshops can be offered to your group or organization, either as a complete package, or as a selection of workshops of special interest.








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